Trekking Knuckles Mountain Range

The Knuckles Mountain Range lies in central Sri Lanka, in the Districts of Matale and Kandy. The range takes its name from a series of recumbent folds and peaks in the west of the massif which resemble the knuckles of clenched fist when viewed from certain locations in the Kandy District. Whilst this name was assigned by early British surveyors, the Sinhalese residents have traditionally referred to the area as Dumbara Kanduvetiya meaning mist-laden mountain range

The entire area is characterised by is often robed in thick layers of cloud. In addition to its aesthetic value the range is of great scientific interest. It is a climatic microcosm of the rest of Sri Lanka as the conditions of all the climatic zones in the country are exhibited in the massif. At higher elevations there is a series of isolated cloud forests, harbouring a variety of flora and fauna.

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Ella Rock Hike

Ella is a beautiful small backpacker-hub on the southern edge of Sri Lanka's Hill Country. It has become to go-to town in the hill country for tourists and as a result has a reasonably well-established tourism-orientated economy. For example, there is espresso coffee and fish and chips on offer, as well as lounge/backpacker -style bars aimed solely at the visitor.

It's situated in the middle of beautiful countryside, with small vegetable plots in the valleys, tea plantations on the hill slopes and forests on the tops. The climate throughout most of the year is typical of the high Hill Country, with a hot sun by midday, but a moderate air temperature. It will often rain in the afternoon, but only for an hour or so. A sweatshirt, or light jacket is needed at night. In December it can rain a lot!

Ella and legend are intertwined. Sita, the beautiful wife of Rama, is said to have been hidden in the caves at Ella by Ravana, King of Lanka, according to Ramayana, the great Indian epic dating to more than 1,000 years before Christ.

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From November to April you can surf in the western and southern coast.
Beaches for Surfing in Sri Lanka
Arugam Bay
Best place for the beginners is Weligama and Hikkaduwa on the southern coast.

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Kitesurf Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the most exotic kiteboarding destinations in Asia, perfect for all levels of kitesurfers.

From April to September and from December to March you can kitesurf eastern coast. Best place for the beginners is Kalpitiya (Sethawadi and Kappaladi lagoons), where you can find kite schools in Sri Lanka and best conditions in the Asia.

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Hot air ballooning

Hot air ballooning is available in Dambulla and Habarana areas. It is a seasonal facility.

Sri Lankan certified pilots operates them during the morning sessions between November to April.

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White Water Rafting Sri Lanka

Kitulgala is wet zone rain forest, which gets two monsoons each year, and is one of the wettest places in the country.
The best time to enjoy White Water Rafting at Kitulgala is the period between May to December.

During periods of heavy rain, the river could turn out to be very volatile and White Water Rafting becomes very unsafe. The adventure operators on site would advise all water sports enthusiasts on the matter. However water levels could drop surprisingly fast, turning the river to its regular state during the rainy season as well.

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Camping Sri Lanka

Kitulgala, on Kelaniya river, is a great place to stay if you are looking for nature & adventure like white water rafting. This is where the 'Bridge over the River Kwai' was filmed.

Wilderness camping in Sri Lanka is the most exciting way to stay overnight in nature. It is a memorable experience in the lush green environment with a tropical climate. When we are trekking in the Knuckles Mountain Range or any other natural attraction we can found many suitable campsites.

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